Kaiser Permanente Physician Recruiting Events

Come join us! We don't just wait for top-notch applicants to discover the joy of working for Kaiser Permanente in Washington state — we go out and find them. Our physician recruiters attend medical conferences and medical career fairs nationally, inviting candidates to learn more about careers in medicine.

Date Event Location Contact
8/3-5/2017 2017 American Psychology Association Washington, DC Alan
8/8/2017 CareerMD Spokane Spokane, WA Alan
8/21/2017 CareerMD Salt Lake City Salt Lake City, UT Jenelle
8/26/2017 CareerMD NYC Summer New York, NY Jenelle
9/12-16/2017 American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) Annual Meeting San Antonio, TX Kelly
9/25-26/2017 Clinical Endocrinology Update Chicago, IL Alan
9/15-19/2017 American Academy of Pediatrics Chicago, IL Nancy
9/19/2017 Career MD Tucson Tucson, AZ Alan
9/23/2017 CareerMD Boston Boston, MA Jenelle
9/26/2017 CareerMD Cleveland Cleveland, OH Jenelle
9/28/2017 CareerMD Rochester Rochester, MN Jenelle
10/6/2017 Spokane Medical Society Spokane, WA
10/28/2017 CareerMD Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA
10/30/2017 Emergency Medicine Residents Association Job Fair Washington, DC Nancy 
10/30-11/2/2017 American College of Emergency Physicians  Washington, DC Nancy 
11/14/2017 CareerMD Seattle Seattle, WA  All
11/2-4/2017 ASN Career Fair New Orleans, LA Alan
12/06/2017 CareerMD Palo Alto  Palo Alto, CA
12/10-13/2017 Summit in Neurology & Psychiatry Las Vegas, NV Alan