Physician Benefits Overview

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Welcome to Washington Permanente. We offer a generous benefits package for our world-class clinicians. Below are our offerings for associates.

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Professional liability indemnification is provided to all clinicians in the Medical Group. Kaiser Permanente’s Indemnification Program has a self funded base in addition to an excess insurance component. The Indemnification Program indemnifies each clinician for all professional acts within the course and scope of their employment throughout dates of employment in the Medical Group.

Comprehensive Kaiser Permanente medical coverage is provided for Associate Medical Group members, Shareholders, and eligible dependents. Employees pay a subsidized, pre-tax share of the monthly premium, which depends on the family coverage desired, and pay the full premium cost attributable to non-registered domestic partners (“DP”).

To receive an extra $20 per month premium offset, the employee can complete four criteria available from the benefits department. To receive an additional $20 per month premium offset, an employee’s spouse or registered domestic partner can complete three criteria.

Comprehensive dental insurance coverage is provided for Associate Medical Group members, Shareholders, and eligible dependents.

Associate Medical Group members and Shareholders receive fully vested, employer-paid contributions to WPMG’s 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan. These flat-rate, non-discretionary contributions are made by WPMG every pay period, according to a specific formula.

Individuals must first complete one year of service (with 1,000 or more hours worked) before entering the plan on the next quarter entry date (first of January, April, July, or October). Participants are vested immediately at 100%. On top of that, WPMG may make an additional, discretionary profit sharing contribution each year. The Plan offers a choice of investment options.

WPMG offers Medical Group members, regardless of FTE, an opportunity to make voluntary pre-tax or Roth after-tax contributions to our 401(k) Retirement Savings. Effective January 1, 2018, the maximum allowable contribution is $18,500. Individuals 50 or older during any part of 2018 may also make an additional $6,000 catch up contribution, for a total of $24,500. The Plan offers a choice of investment options.

A supplemental retirement savings plan may also be available. The cash balance plan provides an additional opportunity to save on a pre-tax basis. Participation levels are pre-defined. Detailed communications will be sent to new staff prior to their start date. Eligible individuals will be required to make an irrevocable election regarding participation in the plan before starting to work at WPMG.

A $250,000 (benefit pro-rated based on FTE) basic term life insurance policy with a $250,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) component is offered for each member, with decreasing coverage limits after age 70. The life insurance increases from $250,000 to $300,000 (prorated by FTE) upon reaching Shareholder status. You may purchase supplemental life insurance or supplemental AD&D insurance for up to five times base pay, not to exceed $1,500,000. Spousal coverage may also be purchased.

Each member of the Medical Group accrues four weeks of paid vacation (benefit pro-rated based on FTE and adjusted to the individual work schedule). In addition, WPMG recognizes eight holidays per year. Holiday time is prorated based on FTE. Vacation for certain departments is built into their schedules.

Each member will accrue 1 day per month of sick leave for each month worked, up to a maximum of 6 weeks.

Salary while on short-term disability is paid at 80%. Sick leave and short-term disability total approximately 13 weeks of pay in a rolling 12-month period. Short-term disability begins when sick leave is exhausted if an employee is out for their own illness or injury.

Long-term disability coverage begins after 90 days of sick leave and/or short-term disability, as long as a claim has been filed and approved. The LTD benefit allows up to 55% of monthly income for members disabled beyond 90 days. Individuals may purchase supplemental long-term disability coverage to increase to 60% income replacement.

A basic long-term care insurance plan is provided. Long-term care insurance offers financial assistance for care through a nursing home facility, professional home care, or an assisted living facility. Individuals may purchase higher levels of coverage to expand their basic plan, at competitive group rates.

During the Associate Staff period, full-time Medical Group members on a standard 5-day work week are provided seven days for the purpose of postgraduate education with $2,600 in funding for education and professional society dues (prorated based on FTE). Upon reaching Shareholder status, full-time Medical Group members on a standard 5-day work week are provided ten days for the purpose of postgraduate education with $3,800 in funding for education and professional society dues (prorated based on FTE).

After the first day of employment, Associate Medical Group members may apply to their respective Benefit Coordinator for reimbursement of the full cost of professional license renewal fees (Washington State and DEA renewals) and for expenses related to initial board examination or recertification examinations. Expenses incurred prior to joining WPMG will not be reimbursed. Reimbursements are part of the postgraduate expense allowances referenced above.

New Associate staff members moving 100 miles or more are eligible for the standard moving benefit of 100% of the first $7,000 in approved moving expenses.

Shareholders may apply for a sabbatical after 10 years of employment or 10 years after commencement of their last sabbatical. Sabbaticals will be WPMG funded at the following percentage of base salary: Months 1-3 at 20%, Months 4-6 at 15%, Months 7-9 at 10%, Months 10-12 at 5%.

Additional benefits include Flexible Spending Accounts, ID Theft Protection, and Emergency Travel Assistance. Please contact the Benefits Team for additional information.

Benefits as described are currently available to Associate Medical Group Members and Shareholders. Details of each benefit are available from the WPMG Benefits Department. Most benefits become effective on the first day of the month following appointment. Benefits are provided to associates and shareholders working at least a 0.50 FTE unless otherwise noted. The WPMG Board reserves the right to change or terminate WPMG benefit programs. This is only a summary; the language of the Plan Documents and applicable laws will control.